Meet Our New Art Teacher: Kate Thomas

February 24, 2020

Skyline’s newest addition to the nest, Kate Thomas, is now our dazzling art teacher. She instructs students in Drawing, Painting, and 3D Design. Art is important to Kate for medative purposes; it’s truly a placid way to get out what’s on her brain into the physical world. She claims, “ I also love it for young people, ” due to the fact it’s an ellexcent way to be confident with yourself.  Kate believes if everyone had an expressive outlet they will improve life’s quality.

Kate witnessed numerous students coming to art feeling either very intimidated, or they can’t get over a traumatic experience with their past art teacher (Kate has also had these awful encounters). She doesn’t want you to feel that way, she wants you to feel comfortable. Kate loves to see the skills grow in her students technique, especially compared to how they started out.  Art is a skill that needs practice much like a piano; everyone is capable of doing art.

Even though Kate is more than happy with her job, she has an inspiring goal she wants to accomplish. She is currently working on her second masters degree in illustration, and children book writing. Her dream is to write a children’s book, or a graphic novel. Kate also quotes “you don’t need a masters, I just love education, so it’s kinda like a passion project of mine.”

Kates does believe that “sometimes you just gotta live life a little bit,” and she perfectly displayed this motto by being spontaneous. When she initially started dating her now-husband, she had a very big crush on him. When he explained he was going on a trip to Colorado, her first response was, “Great! I’ll come too.” This was the week before the final, but she ventured out to another state anyways. Her finals suffered a little bit, but she has no regrets for having fun!

Kate does get easily excited, it’s one of her quirks; it is bound to happen in any location. Some of her symptoms include animated movements such as clapping, she’ll sing students songs, and she will definitely dance around. In the morning that is no longer the case. Kate explains “I am not a morning person.” She enjoys sleeping in, but her life appears to be going better when she wakes up early. It gives her time to cook herself breakfast, she throws in yoga, and it provides time to dress adequately for the day. She hopes to break this habit so she can transform herself into an early bird taking flight each morning.

Kate has a tender heart for underdogs, and people who bear the weight of hard circumstances. She would like to erase what’s unfair about the world. Kate states “ I have a lot of people that I love have bad things happen to them, so if I could, I’d like them to unhappen.” She understands that the sharp tools of life help make a sculpture more beautiful, but her tender heart shall always take over.

Kate grew up happily with an older sister, older brother, and younger brother in Summit county. That’s just outside of Park City, except, her neighborhood was barren. Kate laughs “I lived in a random neighborhood that was kinda like a sagebrush.” They were very secluded, that caused a shortage of other kids, but there was this one family who lived somewhat close to her. They were actually a family of polygamists who became their closest pals. Surprisingly they were a cool family due to the fact that they owned an Xbox, and an abundance of video games. Kate’s mother wouldn’t allow video games in her home. That’s one of the reasons she bonded well with the polygamist family.

Kate overall wants the students of Skyline to know that she is extremely excited to not only be here, but to meet everyone. She truly is a sweetheart, so don’t be afraid to talk to her. She wishes that your experience with her is pleasant, and if it isnt she begs you to ask for help to ensure it will be. She invites everyone to introduce themselves, and to have a very fun time.

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