The Skyline Horizon

2016-2017 Staff

Cole Griffiths

Cole Griffiths

I originally started out as a student in the introductory journalism class when I was suddenly promoted to opinion editor after my predecessor took ill (bless her heart). Since then I’ve written and edited for the Horizon as...

Olivia Ward

Olivia Ward

Writing is such an amazing form of expression and a great way to share opinions. I am fascinated by the written word, and enjoy the opportunity to collaborate and work with other talented writers in order to educate and entertain...

Eric Jensen

I am a contributing writer to The Horizon. I also have my own sports blog I have been writing for the paper since my junior year. I enjoy reading and playing basketball in my spare time.

Crystal Eldredge

Crystal Eldredge

I began my journalism journey in my sophomore year as Journalism I student before I took the class full year and got promoted to staff. During my time as a staff member, I edited pages for News, Opinion, and occasionally Sport...

Bethany Moos

I am the Opinion Editor of the Horizon. I have worked for the Horizon since my Sophomore year, and journalism has always been an important aspect of my high school career. I like dance and musicals as well as politics.

Paige Harmon

This is my second year with Horizon and i am so happy to be apart of this awesome newspaper. I am responsible for taking all the pictures for the newspaper this includes events, student life, teachers, and other major school related...

Tony Boutwell

Hello, thank you for reading our newspaper.

Brendon Ponte

Hey there, I'm Brendon Ponte and I'm the editor for the arts and culture section of the Horizon; I enjoy long walks on the beach and hate writing "bios" or whatever these are so... Adios.

Mattie McQueen

Hi! I'm Mattie the feature editor for the Skyline paper. Working in my journalism class has been so much fun for me. It's a great program and all students should be involved.

Sam Eldredge

I have been a part of the Skyline Horizon staff for two years. I functioned as a staff writer my first year and gained experience as a creative writer. This experience has given me more confidence in my abilities and has allowed...

Alison Black

I have been a part of the Skyline Horizon for three years now. While there have been a lot of stressful moments, being a part of the staff has been my favorite high school experiences. It's been an awesome experience to learn...

Mirna Selmanovic

I've been a member of the Skyline Horizon team since my sophomore year and my experience as Editor-in-Chief of mechanics has allowed me to help improve the organization that has given so much to me. Being able to work with this...

Landri Jackson

I've been on the Skyline Horizon staff for three years and I've enjoyed every second immensely. Being able to contribute to the paper has been such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. There's nothing better than watching something...