The Skyline Horizon

2018-2019 Staff

Andrew Black


I'm in journalism because my sister was heavily involved in journalism, and she encouraged me to do it. I've actually ended up really liking it, so I kept it in my schedule. It's also pretty cool that I can voice my opinion and...

Ann Kim

Co Editor-In-Chief

Being a part of a newspaper staff for all 4 years of my high school life has been nothing but a humbling experience for me. I started my freshman year with a brand new journalism supervisor and a staff of only 5 people. Some from...

Sophia Orphanakis-Ward

News Editor

Just a gay Greek girl living my life through song. Journalism is a passion for me due to the influence of my late sister, God rest her soul. My family is very supportive of my writing, and were there for me when I was writing t...

Abby Hansen

Opinion Editor

I’m currently a junior at Skyline and graduating a year early. I’m an avid music listener & vinyl record collector. When I’m not in school I enjoy skiing, surfing, and traveling. I have a passion for civil rights and...

Lucas Westover

Graphics Editor

I’m an everyday average teen who loves to ski and skate. I love long walks in the park while watching birds. My 1980’s German porcelain doll collection is still as prominent as my love for a good book. I love being a part...

Will Ginsburg

Web Editor-In-Chief

2018-19 marks my second year of involvement with the Skyline Horizon. Last year I was on the Journalism 1 staff (I signed up for the class rather blindly, as I knew almost nothing about journalism), and enjoyed the process of...

JD Jensen

Sports Editor

My name is JD Jensen. I started being the sports editor at Skyline in the fall of 2017 and will graduate in May of 2019. I have a passion for sports, particularly baseball. I love the competition, and to report on that stuff. I ...

Lily Inks

Feature Editor

I have always loved writing, ever since I joined journalism my sophomore year in journalism 1. I was the feature editor last year, and loved it so I asked if I could be the feature editor again.

Crystal Eldredge

Co Editor-In-Chief

I began my journalism journey in my sophomore year as Journalism I student before I took the class full year and got promoted to staff. During my time as a staff member, I edited pages for News, Opinion, and occasionally Sport...

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