The Skyline Horizon

MalohiTo’a & Karson
Hi, my name is Karson I am a sports co-editor, I am currently a junior at skyline. I decided to take this class last year because I thought it would be fun and be a great learning experience for the future. So far I have loved this class; it has been teaching me a lot of fun and interesting things so far I am learning on how to become a better editor. I love sports that is my true passion for me I love playing basketball that is by far my favorite sport to play. This class allows me to get closer to all sports that I love and it allows me to become a better writer.

What’s crackin’ eags my name is Malohi and I am the other co-sports editor. I am a junior at Skyline High School. I am on the football and baseball team, I play defensive end for football and pitcher/ first base for baseball. I took journalism this year because I wanted to be more involved in things going on around my school. I’ve always been interested in things pertaining to journalism and reporting.

MalohiTo'a & Karson, Sports Co-Editors