2022 Fashion Likes and Dislikes


With the rise of social media, specifically Tik Tok, microtrends manifest every day. Niche trends fall from popularity just as quickly as they arose, which makes following any one fashion trend more difficult for the general public. 

The negative effects include a rise in cheap, trashy fast fashion, which makes paying for new trends affordable and easy. While companies like Shein might be inexpensive, they’re equally terrible for working conditions and quality. They’ve produced several controversial designs, and, according to Insider, might even include toxic chemicals, stating “exposure to toxic substances over time can elevate a person’s risks of serious health conditions, such as asthma and kidney damage.” However, the rapid succession of trends has led to the idea that everything is in style all the time. This idea is reflected in the Skyline students, who gave their opinions on 2022 trends.

Some styles which students mentioned enjoying included platform shoes, cowboy boots, baggy clothing, layered jewelry, techware, and grunge style.

Students indicated disliking colorful patterns, “those pink Zara pants”, excessively baggy clothing, joggers, tiny sunglasses, athletic clothing, and bell bottom jeans.

Many students seemed to share the consensus that they enjoyed thrifting and buying used or vintage clothing. Mabel Crouse, grade 9, shared their opinion on thrifting, saying, “A lot of people have been thrifting more, which feeds into the gentrification of thrift prices, but it’s also better for the environment.” While thrifting by the larger public can potentially harm those in need, it allows for more unique fashion finds while being economically and environmentally responsible. It can be a tough ethical decision in some cases.

Many specific trends appeared in both the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ categories, depending on who shared their opinion. Baggy clothing, specifically jeans, for example, seemed controversial. Many students shared enjoying them, while others thought they were uncomfortable and or ugly. Again, this illustrates the idea that trends can be prevalent in one space while neglected in others.

Some students didn’t share an interest in fashion, and simply wear whatever they feel is comfortable and convenient.

While some fashion trends show up more commonly than others, the concept that specific trends hang over the general population has faded with the social media boom, reducing pressure to dress a certain way in order to fit in.