A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Skyline Drama’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream was creative and ambitious. The Shakespearean production was performed on the stage, where the audience was seated as well, creating a feeling of closeness and cohesion. The set was decorated with an array of vines and flowers, and a soft smoke floated around the audience, giving it a day-dreamy feel (hence the name). 

The play explores themes of love, passion, and magic. It centers on two main plot lines, one about a lover’s quarrel and the other a play being put on within the play. Centrally, the play serves as a commentary about how love can blind a person from seeing reason, as well as exploring the implications of beauty as an important role of choosing a lover. He shows through the enchanted actors that love is often irrational and serves as a distraction from logic. The latter theme comments on acting and art as a whole, and how art is both difficult to create and is a result of its audience. While exploring these themes, the play kept a light and fun tone.  

When asked, many of the actors in the play agreed that Skyline Drama was an amazing community that they enjoyed participating in. Adrian Young (Puck), a senior at Skyline, said, “It’s said over and over again, but how close we (Skyline Drama) are to each other… we have a lot of fun together.” Many of the other actor’s agreed with them, such as Peter Cordell (Hermia), an eleventh grader, stated, “Drama club prides itself on being diverse and accepting, and really just being there for anyone who is interested in theater.”

The cast all seemed to enjoy the play, and felt connected to it. Alexia Smith (Starvling), an eleventh grader, said “This is I think one of the most understandable Shakespeare plays, it’s consistently funny, and I also think it’s aged the best.” While imaginative and mystical, the play did have underlying themes that were deeply connected to a core human emotion (love), which makes it relatable and representative of modern emotion. Zach Sorenson (Bottom), a junior at Skyline, said “I love my character, Bottom is super funny and I can have so much fun with it, it’s very cool.” 

All of the actors were very persuasive in their roles and did an amazing job of portraying their characters. The play was funny and moving, an amazing Skyline production.