Graffiti Arts True Expression

May 5, 2020


Graffiti art is something that is all around the world and can be found basically everywhere from cities to just random walls. There are a lot of mixed opinions about graffiti art. Some think that it is messy and does not look good. Others think that street art is beautiful and makes walls and the environment lively.

Graffiti gets a bad rep because of all the associations with vandalism. Many places that do not want graffiti or to have stuff spray painted on the walls do get them. This makes people not like the good kind of graffiti art and other beautiful street murals. When graffiti is used properly and performed well by the artists it makes something that is so awesome.

When there are many free open walls that are not being used it makes the best opportunity to put something beautiful on it. It makes it great to get a bunch of artists together and collaborate and make their own pieces. This also gets the community out looking at these artists paint awesome things. There are so many blank walls all around the world and could have so many great art pieces on them.

The graffiti and street art community get bad names for vandalism which is not caused by them. So when they have this bad name though it makes it so that there does not get to be a lot of cool murals put up. There is so much more beyond the bad reps of graffiti art. People get brought together during art festivals and get the whole community moving together.

So many artists have creative expressions they want to put out in the world. Murals are such a big surface to work with which a lot can be conveyed onto them. When an artist gets to convey a message that is on a huge wall in public thousands of people get to be inspired by it. Art is one of the most inspiring things and sparks joy into people’s hearts.

If the world was covered in art so many people would benefit from it. Inspiration would be flowing around and colors would be everywhere. Most buildings are all neutral colors and stale. When a mural is painted it adds so much variety and color. People would enjoy getting outside so much more and it gives everyone something to connect about.

People would feel so much relief if they looked at a wall and saw blue hues instead of plain gray and brown walls. The world needs more art. It will save everyone and can unit the whole world. If everyone just made art there would be no wars. Art is the way to inspire the world.

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