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How to Survive the End of Term

January 4, 2019

End of term is coming up and stress along with it. Don’t be scared though — if you are a major procrastinator, you can use many different strategies to make the end of term a better experience. Remember, teachers are putting final grades in, so they should be finalized over the weekend.

Stress levels are steep right around the end of the quarter. Wondering why? Students every term make it harder for themselves to achieve good grades. According to an Instagram poll, 49 said that they are happy and comfortable with their grades at the end of term, while 145 said they’re stressing out at the end trying to fix their grades. In another, kids were asked to say and submit the reason why end of term is so stressful for them. 28 out of 31 students said they were really stressed about their GPA,CPA, trying to fix their grades, or showing their parents their grade was the most stressful part of end of term. The reason why is because all these teens procrastinate. They wait till the last week of term to worry about missing assignments. Therefore, they stress themselves out beyond belief trying to fix their grades and retake quizzes before the end of the term

Extra credit is a life saver for these procrastinators. It doesn’t matter if the extra credit is 5 points or 10, students will take it. It could bring their grade from a D- to a C and they would be happy. They will not ask about grades or how to fix it until the final days of the quarter. Teachers dread the last week of the term because the bombardment of students that rush to their room after school, before, and in between classes. Just when teachers think that they are safe grading on teacher work day, they are not because students will be in their classroom before they are. Some teachers are lenient, and some teachers are a brick wall, so good luck if you think you can make a last minute grade change.

Do not freak out, getting good grades is can be very easy if you work on your procrastination . Surprising, right?  Fixing your procrastination problem is as easy as setting reminders for yourself. Have a planner with you, when you write things down, you are more likely to remember them when put it on paper. Being responsible is also a major factor in high school success. All someone needs to do to pass is just care. Take notes when asked to, study weeks before a test, instead of the night before a test. Being motivated to do well the whole quarter will make the end of term more of a relaxing time. Put in extra effort to be successful, will create a drive and motivation that will bring someone to amazing places in life.

Besides all the negatives about procrastination and stress, Skyline students are the most successful bunch in the valley according to a list on, Skyline High School is #5 in the state based on ranking. So do not worry, study up, be responsible. The end of term is a great way to show off amazing grades, and to realize how much work needs to be put into school.

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