The “Newsies” Cast at Skyline Seizes the Day With Another Amazing Musical


On Nov 18, 2021 Skyline High School’s production of  “Newsies” hit the stage with two incredible casts of students ready for five separate performances that spanned through the 22nd. As is usual with Skyline’s productions, the acting/vocal quality of the performers, the stage crew work, and the overall stage presence of main characters and ensemble alike were impeccable given the expectations of a high school theater program. 

“Newsies” is a well-known musical that originated as a Disney movie in 1992 starring Christian Bale. It focuses on the newspaper boys in New York City and the strike that they organized in the hopes for equality in a world full of people who are against them. 

Skyline’s production starred Ashton Pike and Grey Randle as Jack Kelley, A.J. Wankier and Leah Hicks as Crutchie, Brandt Bosworth and Max Stewart as Davey, and Gwen McConkie and Clara Buchanan as Katherine – as well as many other talented eagles for the remaining cast and ensemble. The star of the show, however, was Skyline’s very own Mr. Mundt as Theodore Roosevelt himself. 

Ashton Pike is a senior at Skyline and has been doing musicals and acting since 6th grade. He was also included in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” as Naphtali. He and Grey Randle agree that the show as a whole was fun and an honor to be a part of. Grey was also a part of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” as one of Joseph’s brothers, but is only a junior. It’s often unusual for juniors to be offered lead roles in high school productions, but there is no doubt that the Skyline drama department made no mistake with both of these eagles as the leads. 

Em Gardner, a senior who has been acting for around 10 years, stole the stage with their portrayal of Medda Larkin, the eccentric Vaudeville performer and owner of Irving Hall. Em has been in two other musicals with Skyline: “Sound of Music” as a nun, and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” as a wife. When asked if they were given the role they auditioned for, Em responded “I did! I would have loved to be a Newsie as well, but Medda Larkin was a lot of fun for me.” 

“Newsies” was an overall wonderful experience for everyone watching and was sure to leave the audience with the entire soundtrack playing on repeat in their minds for days after. In the spring, Skyline will be putting on a production of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and there is no doubt that it will be just as entertaining as “Newsies” was.