Utah Local Performs On The Voice

March 6, 2020

Season 18 of the voice premiered Monday February 24, the blind audition talent is already stacked says Billboard. Each coach wants what is best for their team and will do anything to get the perfect singer. During the premiere, longtime coach Blake Shelton, brought out a puppy to bribe a contestant. However, new coach, Nick Jonas offered something much more personal; real time coaching. Jonas is the newest coach to the voice, yet is already a fan favorite, according to Country Living. Tate Brusa, a Utah local, made his debut during the premiere. Offering a range of vocal notes, Blake Shelton and Nick Jonas fought to win over Brusa’s heart, says Billboard. Both judges found the audition “Perfect” but it was the “Sucker” singer and judge that would ultimately win over Brusa.

16 year-old Brusa took the stage with his acoustic guitar, which would accompany a rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. When Brusa sings, you can hear the raspy undertone which is what makes him special, says Jacob Klopfenstein from KSL. Brusa’s Voice bio says the cause for the raspy undertone comes from years of annoying his older sisters, causing vocal cord damage. During Brusa’s performance, coach Kelly Clarkson heard the youth in Brusa’s voice, claiming it was sweet. When Brusa hit a high note near the end of the performance, Nick Jonas and Blake Shelton immediately turned around, says Billboard. During judge critiques, John Legend, commonly known as a soul singer, persuaded Brusa to go with Jonas. However, Kelly Clarkson, a world renowned pop singer, thought Brusa would do well with either.

Shelton offered experience and was impressed by Brusa’s vocal range. However, Jonas took a more personal approach. Billboard claims, the hunger to get Brusa on his team, pushed Jonas to jump on stage and offer some real time coaching to the young star. During an interview after the premiere, Jonas admitted he hoped the action would prove to Brusa and the audience that the duo had what it took to win. During their session, Jonas offered expert knowledge on how to prevent voice cracks during puberty, leading the crowd to erupt in laughter. Correcting posture, and putting emphasis on vowel sounds, Brusa sounded like a whole new person says KSL.

The crowd adored the bond that Jonas and Brusa had, leaving Shelton in a tough position to win over Brusa’s heart. Legend seemed to regret not turning around saying “I don’t have a dog in this fight” says Deseret News. Conveniently producers instantly brought out a Golden Retriever puppy for Shelton. ”If you don’t choose me as your coach, this puppy’s going to go straight back to the animal shelter,” said Shelton,  as the puppy cuddled in his lap. During a recent interview with Deseret News Brusa says “I figured the dog wasn’t going to go back to the pound if I didn’t pick Blake. And originally I thought I was going to get the dog if I were to pick him, but then I realized that was a bit of a stretch.”

Ultimately Brusa brushed off Shelton’s light hearted threat, picking Jonas to coach him during his time on the Voice. During an interview Brusa talks about his long time love for the Jonas Brothers. According to Desert News, Brusa’s dad bought front row tickets for their Salt Lake City concert. Unfortunately, Brusa missed out on this opportunity because it overlapped his audition for The Voice. However, lucky for Brusa, Jonas ended up seeing the potential in his voice. Brusa and Jonas formed a special bond during the premier episode, that is worth more than any concert says Billboard.

In Brusa’s Voice bio it mentions his long time singing career. Starting at the age of seven, Brusa isn’t new to all this spotlight. During the 2020 Sundance Film Festival Brusa had a six day set, says local radio show 97.1 ZHT. Brusa also has four original songs that are available on Spotify and Apple Music. According to Brusa’s bio, he has been writing original music since the age of seven. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brusa bought him a guitar to accompany his voice. Brusa taught himself how to sing and play guitar. On a social media comment Brusa admits to never having a vocal coach and being purely self taught.

Since the show Brusa has gained a significant amount of social media followers, new listeners to his original songs, and a heep of fame. During a Deseret News interview Brusa says his new claim to fame was the fact that Nick Jonas touched his guitar and he received some real time coaching. During that interview, Brusa also expressed his thanks for all of the supporters, and gave a special thanks to Nick Jonas.

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