Winners Are Announced for the Satorian Editor’s Choice Awards

March 21, 2019

On January 22, the Skyline Satorian released the results of their Editors Choice Award. The contest included two winners, one for a literary piece and one for a visual piece. Julane Machado won the literary award for her piece “Flower Kid”, and Megan Zeng won the visual award for her piece “Daily”. The first place winners will get a feature in the Satorian Magazine and a $50 cash prize.

Honourable mentions include Cindy Phan’s “Peel” and Luke Romney’s “the fall of a queer fruit”. Honourable mentions for visual works are “Infusion” by Alexa Syphus and Caroline Keller’s “Fingerprint Record”. All people mentioned will receive a feature in the Satorian.

The Satorian is a magazine comprised of art produced from the student population at Skyline High School. The Satorian staff will take the artistic works submitted by students through the year and create a magazine/book that is available to purchase. This magazine, more often than not, will be a creative endeavour within itself, finding more stimulating ways to honor and recognize all the individual voices of our adolescent community. Near the end of the year, the Satorian will have a release party where they debut all their hard work and you can pick up your own copy, which you can preorder on the Skyline bookstore or in person. These will be valued at  $15.

Awards like the Editors Choice Award is a way for students to appreciate the individuals in our school, and help us connect with one another. This is the first year the Editors Choice Award was given out, before that the Satorian used to give out the David Lee award- named after the former poet laureate of Utah- given to the top piece of poetry from the Satorian of that year.  The Satorian is a valued program at Skyline and the Satorian staff find themselves flooded with content and interaction from many students through their email list ([email protected]) , where they announce deadlines and upcoming projects, and also their Instagram account, (@satorianmag), which they post pictures and poetry from the editors and students.

So, what can we expect for this years Satorian? According to Tim Erickson, the teacher who has run the Satorian for three years now, “It’s hard to say what we can expect this year. Certainly, we can expect the best art–visual, musical, performance and literary… But what form that will take is still being worked out. Judging the quality of the staff, it’s going to be fantastic.” Submissions are open until, Sunday, February 3, for this year’s magazine, you can use the before-mentioned email if you would like to submit or stay updated with this unique program.

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