A Guide to AP/IB Testing


Testing season, which occurs throughout the month of May, can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in students, particularly those who haven’t had the experience of sitting through an AP/IB exam before. However, there are several steps to take beforehand that can ease a bit of the tension for a more calm and collected mind pre-exams.

Studying is important in many aspects of an academic life, but before big exams it is vital to review in order to succeed. On an unconventional note, some psychological studies have shown that cramming directly before an exam (the night before, ect.) can actually dramatically improve short term retention of the material. Emily Young, a senior who has taken many AP and IB exams, suggested that “Cramming really helps me feel a little more confident in what I know.” It’s always still a good idea, however, to prep over a long period of time beforehand as much as possible, which will strengthen long term memory, which tends to me more concrete and accessible.

Another good idea is to get your beauty sleep and eat a good meal before your exams, which will provide energy for the arduous hours ahead. Sitting in an exam room for hours on end can be tiring, so it’s good to have access to an extra pool of energy to tap into. Milo Locante, a sophomore who’s only had the experience of one AP exam, stated, “I like to eat a big breakfast and take lots of melatonin the night before.” Most AP and IB exams will provide a small snack about half way through, but it’s good to make sure your stomach is satisfied beforehand either way.

During the exam, the most important thing to remember is to ration your time appropriately and answer the questions to the best of your ability, regardless of whether the information is readily familiar. Practice exams can help with working at the right speed, most of which are easily accessible on the internet with a simple Google search.

Whatever happens, whether the exam goes well or not, it’s important to pat yourself on the back and remember that it’s impressive to have given it a shot in the first place. Good luck, Eagles!