A Look at Fashion in 2021


While in isolation, many students have developed a newfound passion for fashion. This phenomenon could be attributed to TikTok, a growing social media platform with a large influence over the youth of today. TikTok has the ability to spread fashion trends very quickly, and has inspired many people to try out new combinations of clothing and accessories.

Not only have many fashion influencers emerged on the app TikTok, but previous models and stars have also moved to the platform, offering a more intimate glimpse into their lives. As opposed to other social media apps like Instagram, TikTok can feel much more personal, due to the nature of short videos and the overall culture of the app. It allows for the viewers to feel connected to the influencer, as opposed to seeing a glossy runway picture of them on the cover of a fashion magazine. An example taken from Vogue is the revival of early 2000 fashion trends. The article pointed out, “The hashtag #Y2KFashion has over 58 million hits and counting, according to TikTok.” This trend can be seen manifesting beyond just the social media borders however, as notorious fashion trends from this era are being sported by teenagers in real life.

So, why do many students emerge from the COVID 19 lockdown suddenly immersed in the fashion culture? A large part of it has to do with the rise of TikTok, but boredom also plays an important role. Einstein famously quoted, “Creativity is the residue of time-wasting.” It’s not difficult to realize that developing a new hobby is more interesting than staring at a phone screen. Fashion,  just like music or drawing, is a form of expression, although clothing is more readily shared with the world. It’s an easy way to play with personal identity, something especially prevalent to teenagers. Plus, people like to look good, and getting compliments on a new crewneck never hurts.

Some notable trends which have gained popularity in the last year include Converse shoes, (high or low top, take your pick) oversized clothing, and the inclusion of jewelry in outfits, especially rings. However, it’s impossible to pinpoint one completely widespread trend, as fashion is innately subjective, hence what makes it so intriguing.  

While fashion among the Skyline population sometimes falls into these categories, it varies greatly. Some students enjoy wearing baggy jeans, while others like skinny jeans. Some wear rings on each finger, some prefer  no jewelry. There are no limits, no rules (unless you count the dress code.)