Horoscopes: Mercury Post-Retrograde

December 12, 2019

Horoscopes: Mercury Post-Retrograde

Scorpio- Lucky for you, you’re the only sign who is not emotionally dying this month. Wahoo. Dear Scorpio, as well as it might be going at the moment do not let your stubborn self get in the way of everything that’s positive in the moment. Life may be good now, but nothing lasts forever.

Sagittarius- Grind time baby!! Second term means only one thing for our dear Sagittarius gang- it is time to get to work. We can see the determination of the school year refill your soul and we are so happy to see the real you again. As much as we missed you we do hope you still find time to laugh a little bit, perhaps at a once in a lifetime concert that is happening on November 15th?

Capricorn- Dearest Capricorn, long time no see. We hope you are doing well and not isolating yourself too intensely. It will all be so good so soon, take a deep breath and go get a nice big hug from your best friend.

Aquarius- Ah beloved Aquarius, life has been moving slow for you. You keep waiting for the perfect moment and it feels so far away. No need to worry though, take a deep breath. The right time will come it always does. In the meantime, spend time doing things you love they will no doubt be rewarding in the future.

Pisces- Dear Pisces, mercury in retrograde made you noticeably angsty. self -expression is always good, remember that. Go try something new or experiment with some new hobbies, they could be extraordinarily helpful especially with all that life is throwing in your way this coming year.

Aries- It is known by everyone who crosses your path that your personality is big and full of life, however while Mercury was in retrograde you felt like you are lost that bubbly part of yourself. No need to worry though, only five more days until the current star alignment changes and you’ll be back to the eccentric aries we know and love.

Taurus- You are tired, when the stars are off so is your sleeping pattern. Nobody will look at you differently if you say no to that party or take a sick day for yourself. It is always important to remember self-care and to utilize the philosophy in your own life.

Gemini- Silly, silly Gemini life is on a steady track for you, however that is not to say mercury’s retrograde has not taken its toll on your fun-loving soul. You may have noticed a change in moods from lively to more mellow, this does not by any means indicate there is something wrong and instead simply implies that you are human. The stars are telling you to slow down. Listen to them.

Cancer- Lovely Cancer, You may feel oblivious to the world around you. This is not a bad thing it simply suggests that you have been more focused on your intuitive soul rather than the burdens of the world which feel exceptionally heavy to you as late. This could be to blame on the mercury retrograde, but more likely than not it is just the pureness of your cancer soul wanting peace rather than chaos.

Leo- You’re hard-headed  that’s a fact, but you;re letting it show more than ever. Calm down and do not get carried away by your emotions, furthermore, the thoughts your emotions evoke.

Virgo- Silly Virgo, go read a book. Nothing is that bad stop trying to take on the problems of the world. PS: Attend school please.

Libra- Mercury in retrograde has kept you indoors which is okay, but now that the retrograde is coming to an end it is time to go outside and buy some new clothes. All is good.

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