Skyline’s Homecoming Assembly Opens The New School Year

September 20, 2019

Friday, September 20, was the day of Skyline’s Homecoming Assembly. To celebrate the new school year,  the school’s students and teachers met up in the auditorium.

As usual, the ceremony was opened by Skyline’s Drum Line and a communal performance of the school song in accompaniment of the varsity cheerleaders. The whole program was initiated and moderated by SBOs. Entertainment was created with dance interludes by both, the girl’s and the boy’s team. In addition, students were invited to play a game – emptying a tissue box without hands as fast as possible.

At first, the “Keys to Success” App for Utah’s high school students was presented. It offers the opportunity to find out about individual career opportunities, internships, grants and much more by providing suitable information. Because of the positive results so far, the school administrators suggest creating an account to all of their students. Details and instructions can be found on the “Keys To Success” website.

Furthermore, the new Freshman Officers were announced. For this school year, Mia Bookstaber will take the post of Class Secretary, the new Class Vice-President is Sabrina Bierman and Ben Benson takes office as Class President.

Every year, two former teachers or students of the school get the chance to become part of the Skyline Hall of Fame. For 2019, the teachers Joan Burdett and Vasilios Priskos were honored.

Joan Burdett was a teacher at Skyline from 1976 to 2001 and coached girl’s basketball, softball, track, gymnastics and volleyball very successfully. Also, she became one of the first female high school athletic directors in whole Utah and was awarded “The Most Influential Teacher of the Year” by the Weber State University.

Vasilios Priskos was a 1982 Skyline graduate himself. One of his achievements was the foundation of Royal Burger in Salt Lake City which later became a royal eatery. Many tributes to him were shown, as he had a big influence on downtown SLC. In 2007, he sadly passed away to cancer which is why his wife accepted the award. Further information and all past winners can be found next to the main office.

Another big part of the assembly was about all kinds of homecoming related news.

This year’s theme was “Dancing In The Moonlight”. In this connection, the homecoming video was shown.

The results of the Homecoming Royalty election were made official: Luke Storheim and Lauren Miller were awarded as Duke and Duchess, Gavin Dibble and Macy Harrington as Prince and Princess and Lily Bruce and Josh Baird had the honor of becoming Homecoming Queen and King 2019. For her great work as the leader of the Homecoming Board, the school thanked Lucy Peterson.

Finally, the highlight for most of the students was the lipsync battle between teachers. Diona Giannopoulos and M.E. Culbertson performed an amazing dance choreography to the song “It’s Tricky” but lost against Cade Robertson’s interpretation of “Twist and Shout”.

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