The Significance of SBOs in Skyline’s Community


Skyline has so many incredible SBOs that put in the hours to make the school the way it is. They are the unseen hands that make the dances memorable, the football games exciting, and, overall, they are the reason why the Spirit Bowl was so incredibly fun. What may not be as well known is exactly what processes they follow in order to create the events that make school more enjoyable. But, what encouraged them to get involved to begin with?

“I just wanted to make Skyline a home for many people,” says SBO Vice President Maxwell Stewart. Stewart knew he wanted to run since he became an Eagle and has been able to fit that role. SBO President Maggie Garff loves being able to plan the assemblies. “I was in charge of the HELLO day assembly, and helped with SOW, (SBO Officers Winners). “I just like being able to talk to others about the project and what I wanted to see.” The two are in charge of also adding new things to the Skyline constitution and arranging meetings with the administration. “One thing that we were thinking is to have Frontage Road be instead Eagle Road,” explains Garff. This implementation would just add to the school spirit atmosphere that these officers want to expand at the Nest. Some of the misconceptions that come with being part of the SBOs is that they are separate from the rest of the student body, which can create unnecessary division. “We are all Eagles at the end of the day,” echoes Garff.

“We try to go to all the games; we went to all the football games this year,” says Grey Randle, the Men Association President, in regards to him and Hazel Shumway, the Women Association President. “We want to be able to show school spirit since the board is supposed to be all high in energy,” Randle says. In order to prepare for the WAMA dance, with Women’s Association and Men’s Association being solely in charge, Randle and Shumway had not only to create the theme but had to talk to Skyline administration and even the DJ in order to make the dance the memorable experience that it was. The hardest part, however, is the hallway decorations. “We started prepping the decorations in January, it’s kind of difficult to get all the materials together and create the theme picture we wanted.” The two presidents also didn’t want to repeat the same ideas that have been done previously. With the past years revolving around movies and decades, they wanted it to be different. “Gaming characters was just something we have thought about, even this past summer, and we just decided to stick to it.” Grey Randle believes that the best part of being MA President is making long lasting friendships. “I knew Hazel before this year, but we weren’t that close…being part of the board has strengthened our friendship and we hang out all the time.”

To future SBOs, their biggest advice was to have fun and not take things too seriously or for granted. Summed up by Max Stewart,  “We are so grateful for being able to do the things we do, and we just want to leave [Skyline] knowing we did our best.”