Who is Skyline’s New Principal?

December 7, 2020

Who is Skyline’s New Principal?

As the school year of 2019-2020 closed, former principal Doug Bingham retired and made way for a new principal. This new stranger has been gracefully leading Eagles through the unknowns of 2020 and they watch as he prepares for the untold events of the upcoming year. Despite his aid with weekly newsletters and his responsiveness to a shocking pandemic, many students know little about their leader. Who is he and what does he plan to do with Skyline High School?

Mitch Nerdin has experience in many education oriented positions. He acted as Women’s Basketball coach and assistant principal at Kearns Junior High, Granite High School, Cottonwood High School, Granger High School, and Hunter High School; principal at Cottonwood High School; as well as a director of school improvement and resource development. Nerdin has always known that his ultimate goal when working in education was to end up a principal. When asked why he enjoys this line of work, he responded, “I love the notion that the Principal can help an entire community come together to support their school and the students.”

Nerdin states that while working as director for the Granite School District offices, he was offered the position at Skyline and saw it as a good opportunity: “I knew how great a school it is and wanted to be a part of it.” After taking the position, he anticipated a comprehensive and active atmosphere. Comprehensibility and activity was exactly what he got, but not for the reasons he expected. This atmosphere came, not because of school activities and the bustle of students, but because of the many difficulties of working around COVID-19.

According to Nerdin, his goal is to do everything possible to keep Skyline as the top public comprehensive high school. He said, “Skyline has accomplished so much over the years because the school, teachers, students and especially families are uniquely focused on working toward a common goal of student success.  I hope to be able to continue to support these efforts.”

Despite the challenges of deciding what’s best for the school, Nerdin finds his job very rewarding. He enjoys watching students overcome struggles and work toward success, just as he does with his own kids: “ I love watching students sing, play an instrument, act in a play.  I adore going to debate competitions and swim meets.  I enjoy watching kids run, kick or hit a ball, play on a team or compete on their own.  It is awesome to appreciate the art students can make.”

Outside of school, Nerdin enjoys playing golf, supporting his children, and going on family vacations. He is fluent in Spanish, has two degrees from the University of Utah, and is currently working to earn a Doctoral degree from BYU.

Nerdin cares about the wellbeing of Skyline Students. Parents and supporters of the school can look forward to what Nerdin will do at Skyline. 



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