Homecoming Horoscopes


Aries – This is the week to get rid of them. There are certain people holding you back, and it will be rough to try to cut off some of them. Try distancing yourself first, then later leave on your own terms.


Taurus – You can see everything going on this week. Some people won’t be there to listen and help you, but will rather hurt you. You don’t have to talk to the people who won’t acknowledge your feelings. 


Gemini – Take this week and use it to take care of yourself, and support yourself. Don’t invalidate how you feel. Stay hydrated and use your time wisely. 


Cancer – Stop the gossip. Retelling all the stories you hear is not the right thing. The drama you are creating is going hurt you later.


Leo – Start making those boundaries within yourself. If you stay in your lane and watch what happens, maybe the pain and drama will lessen. Would you like that? Getting strong reactions from others can be mentally draining, for both parties. 


Virgo – Don’t be scared! You’re going to make a lot of big changes and act more versatile this week, and it’s going to be good for you. This week gets better as it goes along for you. 


Libra – The chaos has been a lot, but you need to finish those things you told yourself you were going to. Before all the work is done, take a break; things are often easier when you are rested and prepared. Overworking yourself is not going to make anything faster or better. 


Scorpio – Things come and go, joining a hobby or club or project out of boredom is not the best. It’s going to bore you, especially when better things are coming your way. Do the things you want to, ones that inspire and intrigue you. 


Sagittarius – People aren’t always who they say they are, and you’re figuring it out. Keep your feet on the ground and out of other people’s lies. The false security you once had is gone, and never coming back. 


Capricorn – Voicing your opinion is great! But the things you say are too extreme, and you don’t seem to notice. Avoid the drama of new triangular situations, or the things you’ve said will come back in a bad way. 


Aquarius – It’s not just you. Most things take two or more people to go wrong. Blaming yourself is hurting you, and the blame and criticism from yourself is bad. Take responsibility for half of the issue, but not all of it. 


Pisces – Settling on something that isn’t right just wastes your time and energy. You know what you want, and it will help you to make a list of things you are okay and not okay with dealing with. This will help you manage your relationships and keep them healthy.