Attempted Motel Murder in St. George


28-year-old Megan Michelle Stewart was charged by Police on Aug. 27 for allegedly suffocating and stabbing her 8-year-old son with scissors in a Motel 6 located in St. George, Utah. The boy suffered multiple puncture wounds to the neck,  and he is now currently recovering at St. George Regional Hospital.. 

 Stewart claimed that she was overpowered by “Satan” and “Mother Mary” to commit this crime and stated “I had to”. When questioned if she hopes her son will fully recover, Stewart stated that she does not. The woman admitted to her crimes and is being held in the Purgatory Correctional Facility without bond. Police reports show that several 911 calls were made prior to the crime, reporting strange behavior between Stewart and her son at around 9 that morning. 

Many of the Motel employees witnessed these odd incidents. When interviewed, they described the young boy crying and saying “help” and that his mother was trying to “suffocate” him. According to the employees, Stewart herself heard her son’s claims and stated, “Don’t worry, he just got his butt whooped.” After further investigation, it was confirmed that Stewart did in fact have drugs in her system.  2 hours after this event, a housekeeper at the  hotel stated that she saw the boy standing outside of his room (room 128) claiming that his mother was going to “kill” him. The housekeeper told the boy to go back inside the room while they called 911 at the front desk. When returning to the room, the employee found the young boy lying on the bed covered in his own blood with several lacerations to the neck. According to the affidavit, the employees at first assumed the boy was dead after seeing his “purple face”. He was rushed to the hospital and put into surgery immediately. It was reported that there was footage of Megan fleeing the scene and walking out of the hotel at this same time, which is what aided the police in finding and detaining her. 

Violent acts such as this leave citizens of Utah concerned and questions being raised about mental health and domestic abuse. Lack of Mental health resources can lead to situations where violent acts can ensue just like this one. As a community, being able to provide appropriate and helpful outlets for victims of abuse to reach out to in order to get help is a necessity. 

If you or anyone you know is struggling, please reach out to these resources. 

Domestic Violence Hotlines                              Mental health resources