It’s About That Time! –Skyline’s College Application Season


For many Skyline seniors, this time of the year is one of the most stressful. With early college applications being due, seniors are having to balance filling out applications while also having a fun, memorable last year of high school. The one thing that holds these Eagles together is Skyline itself.

Bronson Gray has been a guidance counselor at the Nest for three years. He has over 350 students in his caseload every year, with about 80-110 of them he helps with college applications. With that said, Gray and the other Skyline counselors hands are in full gear during this time. Gray has a few suggestions students can do to make the process easier, “The nicest thing students can do for counselors is start applications early because a lot of those colleges do require a letter of rec.” Many students tend to wait till the end of October to start communicating with their counselors, Gray says that this puts them in a rather uncomfortable situation. “It puts us under a lot of pressure to get those letters sent out. A lot of the time is spent hours after work, at home, writing.” The number of colleges Skyline Eagles apply to are well above average. “We have students who send applications throughout the whole country,  even some internationally,” Gray says. Ranging from worrying how to send transcripts to the quality of personal essays, it can be stressful. However, waiting until February is certainly almost always not the best decision. “You definitely want to apply early because you want to have a shot of scholarships from the school. It’s important to get those taken care of well ahead of time.” Gray points out. Now what happens after students have submitted those applications? “Now it’s time to make sure your FAFSA is submitted, that you apply to outside scholarships, and that you keep getting good grades.” Gray says that the amount of stress sometimes is due to students not knowing what they want to do in the future. “Whatever a student wants to do,  research things when you’re young, and when you apply for college, make sure you have those ambitions in mind. Some schools are known for certain programs, so see what suits you.”

“Trevor McMillan, the overall school’s Speech and Debate captain and senior IB student, is applying to Boston College, Harvard University, and the University of Virginia early. “My top target is Harvard…there is a diversity of people and opinions that appeal to me so when it comes to wanting to do political science in college and law…Harvard is the place.” McMillan says. The way the college application process goes often comes down to what colleges allow you to do or not. For Trevor McMillan, that school is none other than the Ivy League, “Harvard won’t let me apply to any other private institution for an Early Decision or Early Action agreement. So that is something to keep in mind, as I am blessed they are allowing me to apply to the University of Virginia, a school within the tier list.” Trevor McMillan believes that applying early to schools can be especially rewarding when applying to rather competitive intuitions. “The odds of getting in are slightly higher…that was the motivation for me applying to Harvard [early].” McMillan started his applications in June. So as of now he feels like his stress is under control. “Since I started so early, it’s not too overwhelming. In general, it is work, but it’s been nothing too distinct from everything else that’s on my plate.”

The teachers are very helpful here, I don’t think I have ever had a teacher who I particularly disliked,” says Claire Eckhardt, a Ballet West dancer, and gifted senior Eagle, “As I get older, I am increasingly finding more tutoring opportunities…if you need help with anything there’s a resource.” Skyline High School has been continuously named the best public high school in Utah. This elite rating gives off the idea of an academically driven institution. Eckhardt, however, points to another factor that causes the Nest to stand out. “I think our RISE principles, especially support, makes Skyline a good environment for students…the counseling center, the career center, the school psychologist. There are just so many places we [Skyline students] can reach out to.” Claire Eckhardt has many ambitions on her mind. “I am applying to six Early Action schools…Georgia Tech, Northeastern, Oregon State University, the University of Texas at Austin, and USC.”  Claire Eckhardt decided to apply early to her top six choices so she doesn’t get stressed out later in the year. “If you’re applying to an honors college, apply early action,  a specific program…apply early action.”


It’s about that time Eagles,  so let’s RISE!