Mysterious Ringing Noise Among Skyline Halls 


Have you heard about the mysterious noise of the Math and English hallway? Turns out it’s real, and really driving teachers nuts. Although teachers have been finding it more vexatious than mysterious, it is still a mystery of where it’s coming from. Teachers have noticed a high pitched ringing noise that seems to have started April 5th, and is continuing through April 7th, and who knows how long.

Classrooms hearing the ringing include: Kinghorn, Fadenrecht, Parks, Del Grosso, and other classrooms along that hall. Teachers have been troubled hearing this sound for 6 hours straight. An affected teacher says “It’s really distracting in class. I feel like  it’s coming from the heater but it used to happen with the heater, then when I turn the heater off the sound would turn off.” Now, even turning their heater off doesn’t seem to change anything. 

Students and teachers experimented and investigated the cause of this sound. The Office suspected the building and system, “It has something to do with the heaters, but it’s not the heater in that room, I think it’s the heater next to it and it’s all old plumbing and so it’s associated to the bathroom” basing off that, turning on faucets and flushing toilets doesn’t seem to change or affect the sound, in both boys or girls bathroom. 

Physics Teacher Jack Lambert participated in the investigation and using a simple tone generator found the frequency to be 1,787 hertz, and the note being A6 . He confirmed that the sound was measurably louder near the vents, and the sound stays the same frequency through all the classrooms. 

The sounds still continue, on and off through the classrooms and halls. Some teachers block out the noise using music, and others choose to ignore it. Their hope is that one day it will turn off, and stay off.