Skyline Scorecards


Staring mid-February 2023 at Skyline Senior High, Mr. Mundt spearheaded the idea of the “academic scorecard”. The concept being that Skyline (students and parents) are getting more involved in grades to better them by being more aware. Every Thursday during students 2B classes there is a designated time during the announcements to fill out a survey to self report the grades that will be sent out as a reminder for students are parents. 

Many students at Skyline don’t check their grades as the quarter goes along, so self reporting them weekly gives more responsibility for students to change their grades before the last week of the quarter when things are closing.  Mrs. Peterson, a CTE teacher at Skyline said, “I think it would be a great process if they (students) actually did it. If they are being honest with themselves it’s helpful, but there’s no way to check” 

There is also a large amount of students that do not complete this survey in class. Teachers monitor percentage of completion and can see who hasn’t finished the survey, however many teachers don’t manage this, which leads kids to spend the alotted time in other ways. As a way to combat this, the administration is coming around to award teachers and classes who have the highest levels of completion per month. 

The levels of success are varying. Teachers hope this will encourage people to turn things in on time as well as being more proactive throughout the quarter. With more to grade at the end of quarters teachers could use the break. Macey Earle, a junior at Skyline high school says “My grades have been more steady because they are checked regularly, but only because my teacher makes us fill them out. I also just do this on my own, this has just made it more consistent”. Many students who already check their grades find this monotonous and boring, but for students who never check their grades it could be helpful.