Skyline Senior Aaron Wang Named a US Presidential Scholar


Out of 161 nationwide seniors who have been recognized for the US Presidential Scholar, one includes Skyline’s own, Aaron Wang. 

The Senior Eagle is an IB Diploma Candidate, multi-club leader, General Sterling Scholar, and, as of May 10, a Presidential Scholar, a national honor among the most respected awards given to high school students. With these feats, it seems clear that Wang is multi-driven. Whether it be in the form of creating wristbands to help people with neuromuscular disabilities as a Utah NeuroRobotics lab research assistant or co-founding the Nest’s first Red Cross Association, Wang represents the best of what it means to be an Eagle, namely resilience, integrity, support, and excellence. What also is clear, however, is that the stellar student is much more than his academic achievements, especially to those who are closest to him. 

“He is a breath of fresh air,” says Senior Eagle Tracy Ngo. Meeting him as part of the Skyline Sterling Scholar Team, Ngo believes she would have never approached him otherwise. “He comes across as intimidating, but it’s not his fault…he’s really smart and often seen as unapproachable.” When Ngo needed tutoring, Wang was there to help. “He didn’t judge me for needing the help, he was always very kind and understanding.” Ngo attests that Wang is also sensitive and warm. Every one of Skyline’s Sterling Scholars made it to the semi-finals of the state-wide program, during the competition, Ngo and Wang were waiting for their interviews. “Right before our interviews, I gave him a hug,” Ngo says with a smile. “He was really nice about it and just very approachable, just by looking at him you wouldn’t tell,” she explains.  

“Nerdy, curious, and driven” are the three words that Senior Eagle and friend of Wang, Xinying Bi, believes best describes the Presidential Scholar. Bi has known Wang for nine years through church and elementary, middle, and high school. “As a kid, he was really interested in the typical things you would think of,” she says. “But as we got older, he branched into other things like basketball. He’s very into basketball,” she says with a laugh. Bi and his other close friends were not at all shocked by him receiving the Presidential Scholar, given how multi-talented he is. “We were all so happy for him. If anyone deserves that honor, it’s Aaron.” 

Wang’s family was not afraid to show how proud they are of his achievements, according to Senior Brandon Winters, who got the opportunity to sit behind them at the General Sterling Scholar ceremony. He recalled his parents and siblings standing up and cheering when his name was called to receive his award.  To Winters, it was special being able to celebrate his peers’ achievements together. 

Wang’s hard work led to his decision to attend Duke University in the fall. His family, his friends, and especially the Nest is excited to see the changes this accomplished graduating Eagle will make in the world.