Skyline’s New Parking Creates Numerous Issues


Image via Skyline Yearbook Staff

Skyline High School has plans to be rebuilt by 2026 for a brand new refurbished building. This year, a brand new parking lot was built on the East side of the school for students, parents, and faculty, with a frustrating 525 parking spots on the east and south with the estimation of 200 parking spots in the church concluding to 725 parking spots. This is very difficult with a student body of 2,678.

Student parking spots are limited to juniors and seniors this year as the east parking lot has gotten so much smaller. There are now two parking spots for students on the south and east side. Sophomores are not allowed to park at school because no matter what — they will get ticketed, as it’s against the current rules. Most sophomores are dropped off by their parents, making the line longer.

If the school’s parking lots are full, students must park in the nearby LDS church behind Wasatch Junior High. Abraham Gonzales, a senior, stated, “This is the worst thing of all time at our school.” Another senior, Sam Wheelock, stated, “The parking lot is overcrowded with people as too many passes were sold. They should have only been sold to seniors and then if there are any extras, sell them to juniors.”

Some students are left with very few options to find a parking spot, so they instead go to the faculty parking lot, causing problems for teachers and staff. Junior student Jack Walker expressed how he was late because he parked at the LDS church. “It honestly just makes it worse, as Upland Drive can be a pain to drive through because of all the cars in line for dropoff.”

Tim Mundt, one of Skyline’s Assistant Principals, revealed on the weekly announcements that absences and tardies are common because of the parking lot. The only way to be at school on time with a parking spot is to go 10-15 minutes earlier than regular.

 Students Jose Moreno and Mason Rasmussen expressed how difficult it is to get to the parking lot and be in class on time. Moreno states, “I live close to the school, and normally I drive 5 minutes before school starts, but now I get there 10 to 15 minutes early because of how difficult it is to get into parking”.

Parent drop off/pick up is also a problem with a line through the parking lot blocking and entrance for students to enter/exit. The right lane is also blocked on Upland Drive for drop-off on the south side of the school. It’s the only fast way for parents to drop off their kids. Rassmussen states, “Honestly, if the parent drop off for students was more organized, I don’t think parking would be a problem. I can’t enter the parking lot multiple times because of parents if it’s just 5 minutes until school starts. The school parking lot is already difficult as it’s not enough for students and faculty.”