Ten Reasons Why Country Club is Better than the USA Theme



Less tacky colors
Red, White, and Blue are tacky colors. Red is unflattering and looks like a fire hydrant. White gets dirty easily. Black works better with blue than white does.


More opportunities to stand out as individual
The theme of USA is tied to color, so there are fewer ways to be unique and stand out in a crowd. Country club gives more of an open field to be expressive and different.

Country club gives us the chance to dress for the job we want; not the job we have
Most US citizens have jobs, but everyone aspires to relax and play golf all day, which is reflected in the country club theme.

We already did USA day for Spirit Week
Why should Skyline repeat their costumes when there is an opportunity to dress up as something entirely new and different?

Better music: Lil Yachty v. Bruce Springsteen
Country club is tied to hip-hop culture. USA reminds people of Bruce Springsteen.

What is more USA than a special piece of grass to play golf?
The country club generally reminds people of old white men playing golf and what is more USA than golf?

Country club is very on brand
This is an opportunity to support the golf and football teams. Many Skyline students live in the cove where country club clothes are very popular.

Keep football hostile and not diplomatic
The point of football is to focus on the game and appreciate the fun of the sport. Football at its core is brutal and shouldn’t be politically based. Make football school spirit oriented again.

Country club > USA/Camo
USA and Camo are very similar themes, whereas the country club theme is more of an opposing competitor.

The SBOs picked it
Senior SBOs liked the country club theme. Grey Randle, a senior SBO, commented, “The SBOs use over twenty-four hours a week for student bodies. If you want to choose the theme, you should run for SBO!”