The Best Places to go After School


After school, most students just want to go somewhere where they can chill and hang out with their peers. Here are some of the best places to go after a long day of school 

J.T Benson,- a freshman at Skyline, says he likes to go “Home because there’s food- I get really hungry at school and really tired”. He says, “I bench press every day so…”. School can really tire you out. so, going home to get a snack and some rest is always a great option.

Some Eagles prefer to keep the motivation going. A senior at Skyline, Bree Dudley, says, “I like to go to the gym because I love working out and it makes me happy”. It’s always a great idea to do something that makes your day better and keeps your brain and your body happy.

Miguel Fregoso says that he “would rather be home” than “here” (referring to Skyline). He says “I go to the swimming pool cause’ my coach forces me to”. Surely, many students can relate to this feeling of being burnt out and just wanting to go home. 

Everyone has their favorite places to unwind. These are just a few of the many places to go after school!