The Coronavirus Inspires Positivity and Kindness in Utahns

May 6, 2020


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020, Utahns’ interactions with each other have changed for the better. In general, people are being kinder and showing more gratitude towards one another. Even while practicing social-distancing, individuals are making spreading happiness and positivity a priority.

Communities have been showing gestures of support and appreciativeness towards their medical workers. For example, around Olympus High School there are hand drawn posters showing gratitude. A large poster written in purple sharpie depicting “we love our doctors and nurses” is visible on 2300 E. This encouragement could help a healthcare worker get through their work day. The posters and chalk art around town are also sparking creativity and enjoyment for the individuals creating them. Random acts of kindness have become quite a trend.

People are going out of their way to connect with their friends, family and acquaintances by the use of technology. Despite social distancing, there has been an increased effort to reach out to old friends. Social media has made it easy for people to stay in touch and communicate instantly. People of all ages and backgrounds are using video chatting applications such as Zoom and House Party to play games and talk to their friends. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are surging with positive messages and thoughtful words. On YouTube, famous actor and comedian John Krasinski has been publishing videos called “Some Good News” to help uplift people around the world.

Neighbors have been reaching out to one another to provide support by offering to go grocery shopping for the eldery. In super-markets, customers are remaining six feet apart but doing so in an easygoing way instead of acting disgusted as they avoid one another. This lighthearted, optimistic attitude is improving the spirits of the population. It seems that the pandemic, a time of panic, has increased benevolence in the community.

The staff of Skyline High School has even been creating weekly videos to boost morals and show that they care about their students. This can be viewed through Canvas.

It appears that drivers have been much more courteous and patient as well. This could be the result of people being in less of a hurry to reach their destinations. With schools cancelled and places of employment closed, the roads seem barren during rush hours.

Utahns are putting their efforts towards spreading kindness instead of disease. While stuck at home, people have been using their time to improve their skills and have fun. Hard times are bringing people closer together instead of tearing them further apart.

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