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What It Means To Be An Eagle

September 20, 2017

What separates a Skyline student from any other high school student in the Salt Lake Valley? We are persistent, hardworking, dedicated human beings. We are held in high regard because of the types of skills we have adopted here at Skyline.

Whether you believe it or not, you are valued as a student, and more importantly, valued as a human. Even though not everyone is recognized for their accomplishments, that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to be celebrated for who you are.

Skyline Eagles are often held to such a high standard that we lose sight of what we really are. We aren’t the scholars, the talented sports player, the shy theater kid: we are human.

Because our nest has grown this year, we have taken new baby eagles under our wing. The lesson that should be projected throughout Skyline is that you are you and that’s what matters most. Let’s celebrate who we are. Let’s celebrate each other. Because everyone deserves to be recognized for being themselves.

Our country today has lost sight of what it means to celebrate individuality and diversity. So many people feel as though they have lost their voice.

How many times have you wanted to say something, but were too scared? Or felt like you would be judged for speaking your mind?  How do you feel when you aren’t listened to? Do you feel like your opinion is getting drowned out? We should not have to carry the burden of being too scared to share how you feel. You deserve to be heard.

What does it mean to be an Eagle? Well, the bald eagle was chosen as America’s mascot because it represents strength, courage, bravery, and freedom.

If you ask any Skyline staff, they would say that students are dedicated, passionate, and hardworking. We really are an amazing group of students. When we think about how much time and effort has been poured into assignments, or how much work we have put into our extracurricular activities, it is almost unfathomable how many hours we have spent on school-related matters.

And, if you are human, you are bound to feel some sort of stress. From frantic freshmen to stressed-out seniors, we have all felt the weight of textbooks pull us down to a point where it feels like we cannot possibly stand straight again.

As we fly through the 2017-2018 school year, it is important to remember one thing…yourself. It is not simple to maintain a high GPA, flourishing social life, and still get eight hours of sleep. But we are Eagles, so that means we go above and beyond. Keep in mind the importance of you, and how you navigate through this year.

Being a Skyline Eagle means that we care about ourselves and everyone around us while continuing to do our best. And that’s all we can give, right? Our best. Because when we stretch out our wings, we also stretch out our horizons.

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