Skyline’s Dance Company Delivers Incredible Half-Time Performances at Basketball Games


With the Super Bowl still leaving Eagles reeling, our eagles are flying high in sports this year. On Friday, January 27, the Skyline boy’s basketball team defeated East High School with a final score of 53 to 49. While spectators were delighted and entranced by the athleticism, the boys weren’t the only entertainment: the Skyline Dance Company performed the halftime show. And unlike the Super Bowl, our half-time performances never fail to entertain.

Their dance was choreographed by Ryann Barlow, a Dance Company member, to the song “Danger.” Every performance by Skyline’s Dance Company is unique. Dance Co. teacher, Jennifer Humphrey says, “It is all student choreographed, so they take the time to really work on it, teach it, rehearse it, they clean it to death so that everything is all in sync and all together.” Barlow states they do all types of dance butwhat is most popular to the students and coaches is hip hop. Dance Company’s goal, similar to the super bowl halftime show, is always to entertain their audience. “Usually they pick, like, rap artists, or pop artists, or things that have been on the radio, or things that are really popular because they like to dance to music that the crowd’s gonna know and the crowd’s gonna want to sing along to,” says Humphrey.

Dance Co. member Ryann Barlow also said that they have to fight for their spots to be in front. Just like any sports team, Dance Co. is very competitive; they put their best dancers forward and choose the dancer they want to choreograph every week when they perform. Although this performance went well, that hasn’t always been the case. During a recent home game, catastrophe struck for our Dance Company.

Mrs. Humphrey recalls their first performance in the new gym, “The sound is kinda iffy so we had a game where we were supposed to be hooked up to the bluetooth and we had everything set up, but the bluetooth doesn’t work through a concrete wall.” After a quick sprint and a speedy bluetooth connection, the catastrophe was avoided. “Dance Company was definitely standing there for a good, like, minute and a half, just like waiting, wondering if they were actually gonna perform.” And despite the delay, Dance Co. had a successful performance. “It ended up being ok—they fixed it after that and we haven’t had any problems since, but that was our big catastrophe this year for sure!” 

Dance company is always enjoyable to watch with all of Skyline’s amazing dancers and at such a great game too. Make sure you go support Dance Company and our boy’s basketball team at the state championships this Wednesday!