Women’s Basketball Springs Forward Into a New Season


The women’s basketball team at Skyline High School has been eagerly preparing for the upcoming basketball season, looking forward to a new chance to show off their skills and work with their teammates. The team’s supportive members push each other to improve with every practice, propelling themselves tirelessly towards state championships.

Senior Cleo Cottam explained that the beginning of every season kicks off with tryouts, in order to solidify who the members of the team will be. “We kind of have an idea of who’s going to come because of our open gyms, though there’s always a couple surprises, but normally not for the JV and Varsity tryouts. The girls who come, I love them all. Like, I love our team, we’ve got a lot of great girls.” Although Cottam has been playing sports and basketball since before high school, she mentioned that she has only been on the women’s team since her Freshman year.

Offering a different perspective, Ayla Williams talked about what it was like to be new to Skyline and the team. “I’ve played with some of the girls on my club team, but I haven’t played with them before, I’m a Freshman. But I’ve been playing basketball my whole life.” Williams also talked about how well tryouts went for her: “I think it went well, everyone that tried out made varsity, and we’re doing good so far, we hope we get a win tonight,” she said, alluding to a preseason game the team played against Real Salt Lake Academy, which they proceeded to win. Although preseason games don’t count toward official region scores, Skyline has won all three regional championship games the team has played so far against East High School, Park City High School, and Brighton High School.

Cottam also talked about what she likes best about the team. “We’re a small unit, it’s a lot of teamwork, and you get to know people and spend every single day with them after school for two hours. Obviously there can be little fights, but they are my favorite people, I love them so much.” All members of the team that were interviewed were eager to make it to state championships this year, as it has been a few years since Skyline has gotten there. Looking at the team’s performance this season, it seems the womens basketball team is well on their way there.