Skyline Hockey Triumphs Over Bingham in State Championship


On Monday, February 28th, Skyline High School’s hockey team won the state championship against Bingham High. The battle for the trophy was hard-fought, with the final game going into triple overtime. With a well-placed shot from Austin Bird, Skyline triumphed with a final score of 5-4.

The game started off in Bingham’s favor, their team was up three points on Skyline for the majority of the first period. Skyline was able to pull off a quick goal before the end of the first period, bringing the score to 3-1. Sam Wilson, a senior at Skyline and a winger for the team, described the way parts of the first period played out. He expressed his thoughts, saying “The first period was definitely just a tragedy. I was definitely hanging my head and I thought we were done. But one goal can change the energy for the rest of the game.”

The second period of the game was far less eventful score-wise – as neither team scored any goals. Although players were giving their all, it felt as if the game was at an exhaustive stalemate until the third period.

The third period of the game was the most advantageous for Skyline, as they were able to pull off a comeback, tying the score 4-4. “We definitely felt best on the third. Everyone was tired and stuff, but the drive and anxiety to win kicked in when we needed it most,” Wilson said. After tying out the third period, the game went into triple overtime. Each team was on edge, with the pressure increasing with each OT period passing. Skyline’s game-winning shot was made with great teamwork best described by Jaxxin Schmitt, a junior at Skyline and a centerman for the team. “I poked it away to Gundy (Zach Gunderson), who put a sweet bank-pass over to Birdman (Austin Bird) who just ripped it into the goal.” 

An important aspect of the team’s performance was Skyline’s relationship and history with its competitors this year. “In our game against them in the playoffs we lost 5-2,” said Schmitt. “ There’s definitely a rivalry with them. They’re a hard-headed team, but we are too. They were much more aggressive and more physical compared to last year’s competitors,” he also remarked. Wilson had a similar sentiment, stating “we really had to come out and play against these guys. We lost to ‘em once in the playoffs and once in the normal season, so we couldn’t just blow them off, we really had to bring it with a full head of steam.” By playing against them during the playoffs, the team was able to observe their opponent’s playstyle and adapt their own before the big game.   

This year’s victory marks Skyline’s second championship victory in a row, making the team ecstatic with their performance. Wilson especially was radiant about this victory, as it ends his career in high school hockey. “It’s definitely the way to go out, a back-to-back victory is definitely a hoot,” he stated. With two victories under their belt, Skyline’s hockey team looks to be an unstoppable force for next year’s competition.